Cumberland University


Cumberland Submits Application to NCAA


Following through on intentions announced last summer, Cumberland University submitted its application to the NCAA this week for membership in Division II. The application deadline to the national office is February 1 for any institution wishing to apply for reclassification during the current academic year.

A team designated by the NCAA Division II Membership Committee will make a campus visit in the spring and a vote on the application will be conducted by the Membership Committee in July. If accepted into membership candidacy, Cumberland would begin a three-year transitional process to the NCAA beginning Sept. 1, 2014.

“Making application to the NCAA is a game-changer for the athletic department that continues to grow its reputation for winning and outstanding student-athletes,” said University President Harvill Eaton. “For Cumberland the NCAA move is even more important because through athletics, we have enabled students to achieve their life’s goals. It is the core of how we serve our students and the community.”

Cumberland received provisional membership in the Great Midwest Athletic Conference (G-MAC) in August after the University announced its intentions to apply to the NCAA. Tom Daeger, Commissioner of the G-MAC, offered a letter to the NCAA Division II Membership Committee that is contained within the 700-plus page document that the University submitted this week to the national office.

“Cumberland is blessed to have exceptional leadership in President Harvill Eaton, who has illustrated a commitment to the presidential responsibilities required by NCAA Division II leaders,” Daeger said. “Additionally, Athletic Director Ron Pavan, who has previously guided an institution through the reclassification process and served a term on the NCAA Division II Membership Committee, is committed to ensuring Cumberland excels in NCAA Division II.

“Cumberland’s decision to apply for NCAA Division II membership was made with a commitment to the reclassification process and the leadership has illustrated a determination to become one of the region’s top Division II institutions. Cumberland is poised for continued growth and is well-positioned to make the transition if approved by the Membership Committee.”