Cumberland University




Although the neon art program at Cumberland University is barely three years old, it has experienced tremendous success.  Art instructor Damon MacNaught started the program by acquiring donations as well as grants, and has physically built the facilities.

Cumberland’s neon program is the only one found in Tennessee’s college art departments, and is among the very few offered in the south.

The students have acquired unique skills to produce their neon artwork.  They must first develop designs that can be translated into fluid forms of bent glass rods.  These designs can next be mounted onto painted sheets of plywood to create reliefs, or placed on bases for free standing sculptures.  The bending of glass and the processing of gas involves a great deal of time and practice.  

The students are now incorporating wood, metal, stone, and photography into their artworks.  Their work has become highly sought after by local collectors and galleries.  The students have also been successful in art competitions.  The past two years, Cumberland University students have had neon pieces accepted into the seven state, “Artists of the 21st Century” collegiate competition.

The art department looks forward to expanding the neon facilities and class offerings.  Undergraduate and graduate classes and workshops are offered throughout the year.

If you have any questions concerning the neon program, please contact Debi Goodwin at (615)547-1364.