Cumberland University


CU strengthening quality and competitiveness




Cumberland University officials are moving forward with plans to reorganize its current makeup of schools as part of a broader effort designed to strengthen the institution’s academic core and competitiveness.

The change, effective immediately, merges the university’s 5 schools into 3 larger and stronger schools, a model designed to create more synergy within each school, strengthen academic quality, and better prepare students for success in the twenty-first century.

“The idea of aligning these areas of emphasis is one that higher education, as a whole, is embracing and we are on the front edge of that trend,” said Dr. Harvill Eaton, President of the University. “This model is one that will allow the university to operate more efficiently and better serve our students”.

In the new model the humanities, arts and education have been consolidated to form the School of Humanities, the Arts and Education led by Eric Cummings Ph.D., health professions will be partnered with nursing to form the Rudy School of Nursing and Health Professions and will be under the direction of Carole Ann Bach Ph.D., and the sciences will be aligned with business and technology to form the Labry School of Science, Technology and Business led by Paul Stumb Ph.D.

The changes call for the alignment of programming and budgeting with market demand and continue the university’s commitment to a strong academic core.  It also places an emphasis on dealing with the spiraling cost of higher education for students and families and how the university will commit to maintaining affordability.