Cumberland University


Tasia Blue: Decoding Life's Data


You can usually see Tasia Blue’s face reflected in the pale glow of a computer screen. 

As an undergraduate in Cumberland’s University’s Computer Information Systems program, Blue is studying for a life of technological innovation. It is a familiar pursuit for the aspiring software engineer; from a very early age, Blue became fascinated by technology.

To Blue, the fascination is in discovering how that technology works.

“Every computer has its own language,” Blue said. “You have to break that language down into programs and routines to see how each operates. I love discovering how technology works; it’s a challenge.”

Blue is learning to meet that challenge every day as a student in the Labry School of Business and Technology. A sophomore, Blue arrived at Cumberland in the fall of 2011, having received a basketball scholarship. Originally from Jackson, Tennessee, Blue came to Cumberland in part because of its “small school” atmosphere.

“I liked the small class sizes,” Blue said. “I can really interact with my professors. Everyone I’ve come into contact with at Cumberland has been helpful. They make sure you have everything that you need to progress and move forward in life.”

With that aid, Blue has performed well both in the classroom and the basketball court. As a student in Cumberland’s Computer Information Systems program, Blue is building a foundation for future technological success, taking classes in subjects such as microcomputer applications, programming languages, and information systems.

In all of her classes, the driven student has found professors willing not only to teach students in their chosen field, but to challenge them to excel. In her first year at Cumberland, Blue discovered that firsthand in a history class with Dr. Natalie Inman.

“Inman is my favorite professor so far,” Blue said. “She has pushed me to go further. Even when I thought I was doing well, she encouraged me and told me that I could do even better.”

Blue, who also hopes to remain involved in basketball either through coaching or amateur athletics organizations, has also learned critical lessons as a player with Cumberland’s Women’s Basketball team, which she describes as a family.

“It’s been an awesome experience,” said Blue. “It’s a bond, it’s a family, it’s a challenge—and it’s fun. As a point guard, I’ve learned how to keep a cool head, take the challenges in, and do what I have to do for my team.”