Cumberland University


Katie Wolfe: Writing by Heart, Leading by Experience



For Katie Wolfe, English is but the strongest of many passions. Double-majoring in English and Humanities & Social Science, Wolfe rarely spends a day without writing articles for The Cumberland Chronicle, coordinating activities for Cumberland’s College Republicans, or liaising with students for the Student Government Association.


With such a busy schedule, it is little surprise that Wolfe takes her activities one step at a time.


“I try to work assignment by assignment. I focus on each one and put my heart and soul into the paper or event,” said Wolfe. “Even finding the time to eat can be a little difficult sometimes, and time management can be a struggle. But when I receive good feedback, it’s a great feeling.”


That feedback has not been hard to come by for the Mt. Juliet native. Since arriving at CU in the fall of 2009, Wolfe has established herself as a powerful presence in both her chosen majors.


As a writer for The Cumberland Chronicle and present vice president of CU’s English honors society, Sigma Tau Delta, Wolfe has put her love of writing to practical use. Quick to admit that English is the major “closest to her heart,” Wolfe found a welcome outlet for her creativity in Cumberland’s School of Liberal Arts & Sciences.


“I’ve always been creative and involved in projects. I’ve always had a spark, but I never really knew how to use it. Writing has been a path to that for me,” said Wolfe. “I’ve enjoyed every class I’ve taken so far in the English department; each of them offers something different. I knew after a few classes that this was where I wanted to go.”


More recently, Wolfe has discovered a passion for organizing and student representation as well, acting as the campaign manager for the movement that brought the current Student Government Association cabinet into office. Now the organization’s student liaison, Wolfe has also helped reactivate and establish a group of her own, serving as chairperson of Cumberland’s College Republicans.


In any of her roles, Wolfe isn’t one to shy away from leadership positions. Yet while Wolfe’s creativity may come naturally, her confidence did not.


“I never imagined that I’d be in the positions I’m in now,” said Wolfe. “I work with people all the time now. But I was really shy in my freshman year. I spoke with faculty like Professor Terry Holcomb who taught me about leadership, and he and others encouraged me to want to be a leader and influence people. Over time, I started branching out and getting out my shell.”


Today, Wolfe has embraced that transformation. Whether helping to resolve students’ campus issues as a liaison or helping freshmen integrate into college life as a FOCUS Mentor, Wolfe is using her writing and leadership skills to help other students discover their own confidence.


Ever busy, Wolfe is now planning for her post-undergraduate future as well. Hoping to continue refining her voice as a writer in graduate school, Wolfe is considering career options in journalism and politics.


“I might like to work behind the scenes in political campaigning, or perhaps as a professional journalist,” said Wolfe. “Since I’ve been at Cumberland, writing is what I see myself ultimately doing, in whatever realm. Writing is a part of me, and I think it always will be.”


So too will the confidence that Wolfe has found to complement her creativity at Cumberland University.