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Cumberland University appoints Collier vice president of growing Virtual Campus


Cumberland University has appointed Dr. Charles Collier, a respected educational administrator with over 30 years of experience at the primary, secondary, and university levels, as vice president of the Cumberland Virtual Campus and professional studies.

Collier, Ed.D., is directing the growth and development of Cumberland’s Virtual Campus, an online learning environment offering undergraduate and graduate degree programs designed primarily for nontraditional and returning students.

Collier assumed the position in August, stepping down from his seven-year role as dean of the university’s School of Education and Public Service, where he will remain a faculty member. Collier will also oversee professional development activities as part of his new position.

“This is an exciting time for Cumberland, and I’m very happy to play a part in it,” said Collier. “The Virtual Campus is a new venture for the university. The program will help Cumberland remain competitive in a changing world by offering opportunities for adult learners and graduate students to take part in an online learning experience that is just as rich as our on-site programs.”

Collier approaches the position with decades of administrative experience. As a public school administrator, Collier served for 16 years as an elementary, middle, and high school principal. A former special education teacher and supervisor, he helped develop Tennessee special education teacher licensure standards during the implementation of the Tennessee Better Schools Program.

Collier also serves as a member of the Learning Forward Tennessee Board, Tennessee School Improvement Plan, and Wilson County Chamber of Commerce Education Committee. He holds a doctorate in education from Vanderbilt University and a Masters of Arts in Special Education and Specialist in Education degree in Supervision and Instruction from Tennessee Technological University.

Featuring RN-to-BSN and Master of Arts in Education programs, the virtual learning environment uses a mixture of online activities and strong student-faculty interaction to provide distance learners with all of the experiences and services that on-site students expect.

Collier credits Dr. Harvill Eaton, president of Cumberland University, for the online environment’s establishment and early success in August, an accomplishment the vice president hopes to expand upon in years to come.

“Dr. Eaton has been the driving force behind the project with his vision for Cumberland,” said Collier. “My vision for the Virtual Campus is to eventually meet or exceed our on-site campus’s enrollment and to continue to match the high quality of Cumberland’s traditional campus with our online offerings.”

Rapidly expanding, the Virtual Campus is planning to supplement its offerings with new degree programs in 2012. That expansion will coincide with Cumberland’s recent unprecedented growth in facilities and enrollment.