Cumberland University


Cumberland University Has Record Enrollment, Again



The investment Cumberland University is making in both programming and new construction on campus is paying off.  For the third consecutive semester the university has posted record enrollment numbers due in part to the success of a strategic and sustainable growth plan that focuses on maintaining a relevant education that prepares students for the 21st century, new online programs, and enhancements to recruitment and retention efforts.

Students, Faculty, and Staff gather on the campus lawn to form a human "CU" i

n celebration of the University breaking another enrollment record.


University officials report that fulltime undergraduate student enrollment stands at 1,087, the largest in school history, and an increase of 12.6% over the 2010 fall semester. While an intentional focus has been placed on growing undergraduate enrollment Cumberland’s total headcount has risen as well. Total headcount for the fall semester is 1,491, an increase of 8.4% over last year.

“Once students visit our beautiful campus community and get to know our outstanding Faculty and Staff the University stands out.” Said Dr. Harvill Eaton, President of the University. “But I think the real difference that students are recognizing is the emphasis our Faculty and Staff are placing on academics and unparalleled personal attention that students demand. That is what matters most to students seeking a quality education.”

Cumberland students are benefiting from generous financial aid packages that are keeping tuition costs significantly low. Increased academic standards and requirements are drawing more academically prepared students. And a record number of construction projects are improving the learning and living experience on campus.

Eaton added that the investments being made on campus are making a real impact on the Cumberland education and what the university can offer students. “All of these efforts combined are having a positive impact on our profile when it comes to prospective students researching colleges that are a right fit for them.”

Efforts to support student success through campus programs are a priority in all areas of the university. Programs have been implemented that offer tutoring and mentoring services as well as assistance in securing an internship.  These initiatives give Cumberland students the support they need to have a successful learning experience which translates to improved retention and graduation rates.

The campus is currently undergoing the most construction projects it has ever seen in its 169 year history. A new 152 bed residence hall is scheduled to open during the spring semester. Several of the University’s athletic facilities are receiving facelifts including the football stadium which is nearing completion of phase 1 of a 3 part renovation. The Cumberland Learning and Career Commons, a facility dedicated to student learning outside of the classroom, will come online in 2012.

In addition to all the enhancements currently taking place the University recently launched a virtual campus. The Virtual Cumberland University Campus (vCU) offers an online RN-to-BSN program, as well as a revision and expansion of the Masters of Arts in Education Program. Both programs will be completely taught online and will allow students to complete their degrees in a flexible and engaging online learning environment.