Cumberland University


Multi Talented Art Majors Create Murals









Art students with diverse backgrounds and talents created six murals for the campus center at Cumberland University. The project was done outside of classes in order for the students to gain community service experience and insight in developing large scale paintings for a client.

The six students developed their own subject matter for the project that reflected campus life, classroom environments, sports and school symbols. The painting technique used for the murals incorporated a foundation of large expressive brush strokes, derived from the abstract expression movement, fused with a top layer of flat black paint presenting a very precise graphic image related to work from the pop art movement.

The murals, ranging in size from 4’ x 4’ to 4’ x 6’, will be hung later this month in the Papa John’s Pizza restaurant in the Mitchell Student Center on the Cumberland University Campus.

The students involved in the project were Aaron Brown, Adrian Baker, and Curtis Williams, 

who are all members of the football team; Charles Books, a member of the Cumberland 

University bowling team; John Essary, member of the band Sleepy Eye Fox; and Sarah Huddleston, also a member of the band Sleepy Eye Fox and the CU choir.

For more information, please contact Ted Rose, Dean of the Cumberland University School of Music and the Arts at 615.547.1364 or at