Cumberland University


Cumberland University to give free iPads to Students


University officials announced this week that all incoming fulltime freshmen students and students accepted into the upper division nursing program, for fall 2011 will receive an Apple iPad. This is a move that affirms the university’s commitment of embracing technology and incorporating it into the learning experience at Cumberland.

Students and faculty will have access to the mobile devices for classroom and personal use.

The wireless device can be used for taking notes, lectures, research, reading e-books, checking email and accessing the Internet. With the launch of this program the university has partnered with eBooks to make available digital versions of textbooks used in courses. Often digital textbooks are 50% cheaper than hard copies.

While the business world has picked up the iPad and integrated it into operations the device has been especially embraced by the healthcare industry being used in various situations such as gathering information in a laboratory and recording patient data.

The program is the beginning of a movement towards equipping all students with relevant technology that can be used throughout their learning career.

“We are committed to providing a 21st Century education at Cumberland and that means technology must be a component of the learning experience,” said Dr. Harvill Eaton, president of the university. “We are going to redefine the learning environment at Cumberland and we feel these devices offer us an advantage towards developing life-long learners and also ease the high cost of textbooks.”

Cumberland Faculty are being equipped with an iPad and many, particularly those in nursing and science, are already integrating the device into the learning environment. They are developing applications that enhance the classroom experience and create mobile learning scenarios.