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CU Undergraduate Enrollment at All-Time High


The numbers are in, and Cumberland University has welcomed the largest undergraduate student body to campus in the school’s history. 

Despite the troubled economy, Cumberland University has enrolled a record number of undergraduate students for the 2010-2011 academic year. As of September 14, a total of 1,122 undergraduate students were enrolled in classes for the fall semester.

"We’re getting bigger because we’re getting better,” said Dr. Harvill Eaton, President of Cumberland University. “We’re working hard to upgrade our programs, our faculty, and our facilities.” 

Total undergraduate enrollment includes full-time, part-time, first year, returning and transfer students. Retention of first year students was up significantly. “We’ve made a big effort to keep the students that come here,” said Eaton. “If you choose Cumberland for your education, we look after you. We have small classes, and our teachers want you to succeed. They won’t let you get lost in the shuffle.”

The growth this year is surprising not only because the economy is weak, but because Cumberland has been steadily raising admission standards the last three years. According to Mrs. Beatrice LaChance, Director of Enrollment Services, “The students who enrolled this fall for the first time are better prepared to succeed than ever before. If we admit them to Cumberland, we have confidence that they will find a home here.”


Additional Resources:

Dr, Harvill Eaton, President

Mr. Eddie Pawlawski, Executive Vice President CIEO

Mrs. Beatrice LaChance, Director of Enrollment Services and Financial Services

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