Cumberland University


New Members Elected to Board of Trust


In a recent special-called meeting, Cumberland University's Board of Trust welcomed a half-dozen new members to its ranks, electing prominent business leaders and a pair of CU grads to serve as Board members.

"Cumberland University is proud to welcome these outstanding men and women to the Board of Trust," Dr. Edward L. Thackston, Chairman of the Board, said. "These six people have been highly successful in their respective fields. They bring a great deal of knowledge and expertise to the Board, and they're enthusiastic about Cumberland University's prospects for the future."

The newly elected Board members are:

+ Vince Cherry, Chief Executive Officer, University Medical Center
+ Jacqueline West Cowden, Chief Executive Officer, Custom Packaging Inc.
+ Trent McCracken, President and Co-Owner, Spectrum Inc.
+ N.B. Forrest Shoaf, Senior Vice President and General Counsel, CBRL Group Inc.
+ Bill Vallett Jr., President, Lochinvar Corporation
+ Dr. Robert N. Vero, Chief Operating Officer, Centerstone

Bob McDonald, President of Lebanon-based CedarStone Bank and chair of the Board of Trust's Membership Committee, said the new members are eager to begin working with the University and have already begun familiarizing themselves with the responsibilities associated with Board membership.

"We are honored to have such terrific leaders and visionaries as members of the Cumberland University Board of Trust," McDonald remarked. "It is our firm belief that the interests of the University and its students are well served by their election."

Ultimately, according to CU President Dr. Harvill C. Eaton, the new board members represent a tremendous addition to the University as it seeks to meet and exceed the needs of a new generation of college students.

"These new Trustees will undoubtedly help us continue to move toward becoming the institution of choice for Generation Y," Eaton said. "We chose these men and women, not only because of their professional accomplishments, but because they strategically diversify the Board and enable us to address the demands of a totally new generation of students, Generation Y. Students who graduate today must be prepared for a new kind of workplace, one that is global and driven by technology that connects and informs instantly.

"At a pace that is very difficult to achieve at most universities, Cumberland is undergoing a transformational change necessary to be a part of this new world," he concluded. "We led in 1842 when visionary leaders saw a very new world, and we are leading today in an even more fundamental way. I welcome the new Trustees to a great University."