Cumberland University


Cumberland Joins 'TICUA Go Green!' Initiative


CU Vice President for Administration Joe Gray (at left) and EPA Regional Administrator Jimmy Palmer at the recent formal signing for 'TICUA Go Green!'.

Cumberland University recently became one of 30 TICUA (Tennessee Independent Colleges and Universities Association) member institutions to participate in a new environmental initiative intended to preserve and protect the environment.

The new initiative, a collaboration with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region IV and TICUA, is known as TICUA Go Green! and includes peer environmental audits, according to Joe Gray, Vice President for Administration at Cumberland University.

The peer-audit environmental component of TICUA Go Green! allows participating colleges and universities to collaborate to help one another in assessing their campus environments, identifying new avenues for the improvement of the campus environment. The program is based upon a similar peer-audit system devised by the Association of Independent Colleges and Universities in Pennsylvania (AICUP).

"This environmental program is a great example of a public-private partnership working to protect the environment," Gray, who recently attended a formal signing ceremony to launch the collaboration, said.

EPA Region IV includes eight states and six tribes. During the signing ceremony, independent colleges and university associations from Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee signed the agreement.

Participating TICUA institutions will take part in educational seminars and training events to gain additional insight regarding environmental issues and the ways in which campuses can positively contribute to the environment.

Dr. Susanna Baxter, Vice President for Members Services and Grants at TICUA, noted the program will also support teaching and learning -- faculty and staff will serve as a model for their students and communities for appropriate environmental stewardship.

"While the program focuses its efforts at the campus level," Baxter said, "the impact of TICUA Go Green! will reach far beyond the physical campus and into the lives of students, their families and other college constituencies."

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