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CU, UMC Announce Athletic Training Partnership

Building upon a highly successful nursing education partnership, Cumberland University and University Medical Center (UMC) recently announced plans to expand the now four-year-old relationship to include the University's Athletic Training Education Program.

Under the expanded partnership, UMC will provide space on its McFarland campus for the construction of state-of-the-art athletic training labs, according to CU President Dr. Harvill C. Eaton.

"Our athletic training education program is relatively new, but it is growing steadily," said Eaton, noting the program received accreditation in 2004. "The expansion of our partnership with University Medical Center will place our athletic training education program in a true healthcare setting, adjacent to the Rudy School of Nursing. That is precisely the type of synergy that you only see at the finest academic health centers."

"We are very excited to enhance our partnership with Cumberland University to include the athletic training education program," stated Vince Cherry, Chief Executive Officer for UMC. "Students will reap the reward of having the ability to train within an actual healthcare setting, coupled with the opportunity to work with a team of high-caliber physicians. This strong partnership with Cumberland University will provide a true center of excellence for education."

Eaton began discussing the idea of expanding the relationship between the University and UMC nearly nine months ago. Ultimately, Eaton said the partnership should fuel the growth of Cumberland's Athletic Training Education Program just as it has helped drive the growth of the Rudy School of Nursing.

"Our outstanding nursing program has seen unprecedented growth since we launched our partnership with UMC. The number of nursing graduates at Cumberland has tripled over the past four years, and that's due in part to our partnership with UMC," Eaton remarked. "The nursing partnership provided not only space for the program, but visibility and relevance that made our program more attractive to prospective students with an interest in the nursing field."

"Our students will be the big winners thanks to our relationship with UMC," Eaton continued. "We're still able to offer the personal attention of a small, private school, but we can now provide them with the type of real-world experience typically found at larger schools. By teaming up with business partners like UMC, Cumberland provides its students with the opportunity for educational experiences that are completely in tune with the times and relevant to a 21st century education."

Cherry added, "Creating opportunities to team up with local businesses like Cumberland University allows University Medical Center to meet our goals of being good neighbors and a good community partner."

As the expanded partnership takes shape, Eaton said it is his hope the Cumberland University Athletic Training Education Program will evolve into a full-fledged kinesiology program which will allow students to work alongside physicians, caregivers and rehabilitation specialists.

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