Cumberland University


Welcome Convocation Scheduled for Aug. 27

Cumberland University will begin the fall 2008 semester with a return to an old tradition, according to University administrators.

On Wednesday, Aug. 27 from 2 until 3 p.m., ALL students, faculty and staff will be asked to meet in the Dallas Floyd Gymnasium to participate in the 2008-09 Welcome Convocation. Everyone is asked to attend the special event.

The Welcome Convocation represents a time when the entire Cumberland community will meet as a group, share a little time together meeting and greeting, listen to a few details about what's happening on campus and then participate in the unveiling of a new tradition at CU! The Welcome Convocation will close with a special, traditional college finale, and then everyone will be dismissed.

It is important to note that, as the Welcome Convocation is intended to open the new academic year with a sense of pride, dignity and tradition, all students, faculty and staff should dress accordingly in business casual attire. More information regarding the appropriate dress for the Welcome Convocation will be delivered in the days preceding the ceremony.

"I look forward to the return of this grand tradition to our campus, and I look forward to seeing everyone there. It will be the perfect opening to another exciting year at Cumberland," President Harvill Eaton remarked.