Cumberland University


Dance Concert '08 Scheduled for April 24-25

The Cumberland University School of Music & the Arts will present Dance Concert 2008, featuring the Phoenix Dancers and first-time dancers from across campus, in the June & Bill Heydel Fine Arts Center on Thursday and Friday, April 24-25.

On Thursday, the two-day event kicks off at 12:30 p.m. when 10 pieces will be presented, mostly comprised of senior dance minor Cicely Solomon's choreography. Solomon is responsible for choreographing 45 minutes of original work to meet her graduation requirement. Her styles include jazz, hip-hop, modern and a heritage piece based on her personal research of her family tree.

"Cicely has worked tirelessly to put the bulk of this concert together," CU Dance Instructor Pam Atha said.

On Friday at 7 p.m., the School of Music & the Arts will again present Solomon's work as well as 10 additional pieces for a full evening's worth of dance, art and entertainment. Recital demonstrations in tap, social dance and modern dance will be included in the night's event.

Both the Thursday and Friday showcases are free and open to the public.

Other CU students whose choreography will be featured in Dance Concert 2008 include Josh Brandon, Anthony Angelo, Nichole Sims, Danielle Maynard and Rebekah Hope Mason. Atha said student choreography is an essential element of the Cumberland University dance program.

"Student choreography is the life blood of dance on Cumberland's campus. I am very excited to give these new choreographic voices an outlet. The future of dance as language, creativity and as an expressive performing art lies in their hands," she said. "There is plenty of great work in this year's event, and we hope everyone will come out and enjoy the show while supporting these terrific student choreographers."