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Cumberland Named Among Top Online Universities

Cumberland University has been named one of the "Top 25 Online Colleges for 2009" by, an independent, web-based resource guide focused on higher and post-secondary education.

In compiling the ranking of online academic programs, Project Manager David Peralty said several important factors were considered.

"We took a look at a myriad of factors, including average GPA, SAT (and) ACT as reported by The Princeton Review, as well as details regarding student-to-faculty ratio," Peralty explained. "... We then added extra weighting for two factors: employer perception and whether or not the school's online programs were grounded in a traditional institution. We had to dive deep into the information to make sure (students') needs were met."

Cumberland's Master of Arts in Education (MAE) program was specifically mentioned in the ranking. Administrators behind the MAE program said its graduates have enjoyed significant praise upon entering the workforce.

"This news from College Crunch comes on the heels of several news announcements across Tennessee regarding our graduates and their selection as teachers of the year in their respective school districts," Dr. Charles Collier, Dean of the CU School of Education, said. "We're very proud to be included among the top online programs, and we remain committed to providing quality educational opportunities for our students through technology."

CU Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Wilbur "Pete" Peterson added that, in addition to positive employer perception, Cumberland's online academic offerings are strengthened by the University's strong foundation as a contemporary liberal arts institution.

"As online academic programs continue to grow in popularity due to their ability to accommodate students and the daily tasks that take up so much of their time, Cumberland is excited to be included among the leaders in e-learning," Peterson said. "The fact that Cumberland University's history as an institution of higher learning spans more than 160 years is a definite plus. It gives our online students a certain sense of confidence and security to know the programs are grounded in such tradition and to know that, if they so choose, they can come to campus and receive a degree during graduation ceremonies."

Cumberland University joins a host of widely respected online academic programs on the 2009 list, including Seton Hall University, Boston University, the University of London, the University of Maryland and Stanford University.

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