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CU Takes Part in Yellow Ribbon Campaign

Cumberland University is excited to announce participation in the Yellow Ribbon Program, a provision of the Post-9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance Act of 2008. The University will contribute scholarships for up to 35 eligible undergraduate students as part of an agreement with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Under the Yellow Ribbon Program, qualified students will be eligible to have a portion of their CU tuition paid by the Department of Veterans Affairs, according to CU Director of Enrollment Services Beatrice LaChance. The amount of tuition paid is equal to the highest level of public in-state tuition and fees. Cumberland University will match up to $5,000 in order to assist with payment for the remaining tuition balance.

Additional information and requirements about the Yellow Ribbon Program may be found on the Department of Veterans website. Students will need to provide a certificate of eligibility from the Department of Veterans Affairs in order to receive the benefit at Cumberland University.