Cumberland University


CU Delegation Bound for Harvard Seminar


Drs. Cummings, Harris and Maffett

For the second time in as many years, a trio of delegates from Cumberland University will travel to the Harvard University Graduate School of Education in November to take part in the Harvard Institutes for Higher Education's seminar on performance assessment in higher education -- an event intended to foster dialogue among some of the most highly regarded academic professionals in the United States.

Associate Professor of English Dr. Stuart Harris, Assistant Professor of Education Dr. Eric Cummings and Vice President for Advancement Dr. Garvin S. Maffett will attend the three-day seminar, which begins on Nov. 16.

Through supporting active participation in events such as the Harvard seminar, Cummings said the University's administration is fulfilling its goal to place a high priority on efforts toward continuous self-improvement.

"Not only is a systematic approach to accountability to high national standards important, but so too is sending faculty to national conferences where we can meet with other university representatives who are wrestling with these important issues," Cummings noted. "We can cross-pollinate in a sense -- learn what others are doing, get good ideas, find targets for which to strive and be proud of our own achievements at the same time."

Guests scheduled to speak at the upcoming seminar include: Daniel M. Fogel, President of the University of Vermont; Patricia O'Brien, Deputy Director for the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education at the New England Association of Schools and Colleges; Richard Light, Walter H. Gale Professor of Education (Harvard Graduate School of Education); Jamie P. Merisotas, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Lumina Foundation for Education; W. Robert Conner, President of the Teagle Foundation; and many others.

"This is the second consecutive year Cumberland has participated in this worthwhile and informative seminar," Maffett commented. "It provides representatives from Cumberland the opportunity to share the best ideas and practices with highly regarded peers and colleagues from across the country."