Cumberland University


A Message from President Eaton on Commencement and Rain Plan

Dear Graduating Cumberland Student,

This Saturday we will celebrate your graduation. It will be an exciting moment for you and your family, as well as for the Cumberland faculty and staff.

We wish you the best that life has to bring you, and thank you for enriching our lives during your years at Cumberland.

I am sure you have had some concerns about Saturday's weather. We are watching the official weather reports very carefully, and remain hopeful that the commencement exercises will be conducted outside on Memorial Lawn as planned. If the weather does not cooperate, however, we will move into the Dallas Floyd Recreation Center.

Unfortunately, seating in the Floyd Center is constrained by the size of the venue and public safety codes. It will be necessary, therefore, for us to limit the number of guests. I ask that you respect the situation and your fellow graduates as we make every attempt to provide some seats for all graduates.

Three Commencement Admission Passes to the Floyd Center will be issued to each graduate when the cap and gown is picked up, so be sure to save the passes because no replacements will be issued. Inevitably, there will be those who ask for more tickets, but unfortunately those requests cannot be accommodated. Baird Chapel will have additional seating, and a large projection screen will enable those sitting in that venue to see the entire commencement program.

I know that you, your family and guests will understand the situation and respect us as we respect the fire codes and safety of everyone. Our policy of limited seating is the only way we can assure fairness, so we will understand your disappointment but appreciate your cooperation.

If the rain plan is invoked, all guests and graduates will be asked to access the Dallas Floyd Center through the main entrance (located on the North side of the building). Tickets will be collected upon entry. Those guests who do not have tickets will be given a number and directed to Baird Chapel in Memorial Hall. As the 10 a.m. hour nears, guests who are waiting in Baird Chapel will be called by number if additional seating becomes available inside the Dallas Floyd Center.

If we determine that the inclement weather plan must be invoked, we will notify you via e-mail, text messaging, and we will also post the decision and plan on the University web site. So, read your e-mail daily, check the web site daily and please follow any instructions issued.

Regardless of the weather, we are extremely proud of your accomplishment, and we look forward to Saturday when we celebrate your future.

Best wishes,

Harvill C. Eaton, Ph.D.