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Professor Library Instruction Evaluation Form - Please provide feedback on library instruction sessions via this brief form. 

Borrowing Policy

Faculty may check out materials for four weeks and DVDs for one week.

Information Literacy

See how the Library defines information literacy, our goals, and services we provide. 

Information Literacy Instruction

  • How do I schedule an instruction session?
    • Contact the library via phone at 615-547-1299 or email to schedule an instruction session for your class.
  • Where does instruction take place?
    • Library instruction usually takes place in the Horne classroom in the library. The classroom is located just past the information desk on the left. This space can accommodate up to 24 people.
  • Do I need to be present with my class during the library instruction?
    • Yes. The professor should be present during the library instruction session to answer questions about the assignment and emphasize important points. Active participation from the instructor helps the students understand the connection between information literacy skills and their coursework.
  • What will my students learn in a library instruction session?
    • Instruction sessions are tailored to each specific class and assignment. Some examples of topics include how to locate materials in the library using the library catalog and online databases, how to evaluate sources, how to avoid plagiarism, and other research skills. 
  • Should my students be working on an assignment?
    • Yes. Library instruction works best when students have a research assignment on which to focus. The resources and research strategies taught in the session will be based on the assignment. If you would like assistance with creating an assignment that incorporates using library resources, please see the creating effective library assignments page or contact  the library liaison.
  • When do I need to schedule a library instruction session?
    • Instruction sessions need to be scheduled two weeks ahead of time to reserve the room in the library and give the librarian time to prepare. Please be prepared to provide multiple options in case we are unavailable during your ideal time.
  • What about my distance education and online courses?
    • The library would like to provide the same services to distance education students as we do for others. If you have a distance education course and would like to schedule an instruction session, please contact the library liaison. We will make every effort to accommodate these requests. 

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Creating Effective Library Assignments

Get tips on what to include and avoid in library assignments as well as get ideas for research assignments that use the library.

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