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Due to the threat of severe weather this afternoon all classes starting after 3:30 pm are canceled.
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Library Newsletters

Library Newsletter

The Vise Library staff formerly published a newsletter one to two times per year to update the Cumberland community about new services, helpful tips, and general information.

The Vise Connection Spring 2010

The Vise Connection Spring 2011

The Vise Connection Spring 2012

The Vise Connection Fall 2012


News for the Stalled

The library staff formerly published an informal monthly or bi-monthly newsletter titled "News for the Stalled" to update the Cumberland community about monthly events. 
July/August 2010*
September 2011*
October 2011*
November 2011*
June 2013*
July 2013*
August 2013*
October 2013*
November 2013*
December 2013*

*No issue published