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Electronic Books

The Vise Library has a subscription to EBSCOhost's eBook Collection. Some of these titles can be downloaded for a one-week "check-out" period using Adobe Digital Editions or by installing the Bluefire app on the iPad. The EBSCOhost eBook collection allows for setting up personal accounts to create your own bookshelf and save annotations and notes.  

eBooks can be accessed through the library's online catalog, Surpass, via the library's web page:, under "Find Books, Videos." Click the "links" tab in the catalog record to access the title. You can also search the databases directly through the eBook links available under "Articles and Databases." Tutorials can be found under "Tutorials and Guides." 

Please contact us by email at or call 615-547-1299 if you have any questions. 

Other eBook Resources

Google Books -- Google Books lets you search for and read previews (and, in some cases, the entire text) of thousands of books and periodicals. Google Books is a great tool for research, and even just for fun!

Project Gutenberg -- This website allows users to download thousands of free books that are in the public domain and are no longer under copyright.

International Children's Digital Library -- Search for and read children's books in dozens of different languages! ICDL allows users to search based on length of book, age-appropriateness, and even by the color of the book's cover! ICDL is an indispensable resource for education majors, English majors, and parents of young children.

Bluefire Reader -- An iPad app for reading downloaded and purchased eBooks, including those downloaded from the library's website.

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