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Psychology Major

The Psychology Program at Cumberland University offers students a chance to explore the many fascinating topics in the field of Psychology, while also having the option to concentrate further on a particular area of interest in more depth. These areas include:

  • Clinical Psychology – The practice, application, and techniques of counseling and psychology
  • Developmental Psychology – The stages of life development from a mental health perspective
  • Experimental Psychology – The physiological, cognitive, and behavioral research that most contributes to the field
  • Social Psychology – The study of prejudice, aggression, attraction, and altruism in human interactions

The ultimate goal of Cumberland’s Psychology Program is to graduate students with an in-depth understanding of the field, experiential opportunities (in academia, research, and clinical practice), professional connections in their personal areas of interest, and an eagerness to begin their careers. It prepares undergraduate students for careers in areas such as social work, personnel training, administration, nursing/physician assistant, top and mid-level management, sales, and marketing. The program also prepares students for graduate study in fields such as law, business, and psychology. After completion of the BS in Psychology at Cumberland University, many students choose to pursue graduate studies in psychology, including counseling, clinical, school, industrial/organizational and/or experimental specializations. Advanced courses at this University allow students to become some of the most competitive applicants for further educational experiences within the field.

The psychology faculty members are dedicated to providing learning experiences that inspire student achievement, foster academic excellence, instill ethics and values, promote service, and facilitate lifelong learning. Courses are approached in an array of styles, from lectures and collaborative assignments to experiential activities and discussion forums.

The BS degree in Psychology consists of a minimum of 120 semester hours:

44 - 47 hours in general education courses
15 hours in psychology core courses
24 hours in upper-level psychology courses
34 – 37 hours in general electives

For complete course descriptions, please review our undergraduate catalog.

For further information about the Psychology Program at Cumberland University, please contact the program director, Dr. Jenny Mason.

Email –

Phone – 615.547.1338