Cumberland University

Humanities and Social Science

The Humanities & Social Sciences major provides two essential elements: a broad education for any undergraduate and a specific foundation for graduate studies in a wide variety of professions. The degree is a broad-based liberal arts program that equips the student with an excellent foundation for moving into a variety of professional opportunities. It provides an excellent base in the liberal arts tradition for the graduate to pursue specialization in a wide array of fields, including law, medicine, business, human relations, politics and religious ministry.

Of particular note has been the development of field experiences in several courses within the major. Field experiences in anthropology include participation in area pow-wows in the fall, a weekend in New Orleans studying Creole culture and indigenous religions in the spring, and a two-week, on-site trip during the May term to study the pueblo culture and art of New Mexico.

The B.A. degree in Humanities & Social Sciences consists of a minimum of 120 semester hours:
  • 44-47 hours from the GEC
  • 21 hours of humanities and social sciences core requirements
  • 36 hours of upper-level humanities and social science electives
  • 18-19 hours of general electives
For complete course descriptions, please review our undergraduate catalog.
For further information about Humanities and Social Sciences at Cumberland, please contact the program director, Dr. Fred E. Heifner.
Phone: 615.547.1267