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Tort Liability Insurance

Tort Liability Insurance

Undergraduate Teacher Education Candidates* must demonstrate that they have Tort liability insurance at two points in the Teacher Education Progression (TEP)  - The TEP I and TEP II checkpoints.

MAT initial Licensure Candidates must demonstrate that they have Tort liability insurance at the TEP II checkpoint prior to student teaching.

It is strongly recommended that ALL Teacher Education Candidates who are enrolled in any course that requires field experiences have tort liability insurance at the time of their observations. Candidates who do not maintain insurance may be liable for any incident that leads to a law suit that occurred while they are in a school building.

Candidates who choose not maintain tort liability insurance except at TEP checkpoints accept personal responsibility and assume all personal risk. If there is no proof of coverage on file at the Cumberland University School of Education and Public Service, it is taken to mean that the candidate has either chosen to maintain coverage without notifying the office, or has chosen to let coverage lapse.

Proof of tort liability insurance for the TEP interview checkpoints must come from one of two places. Two Teachers' organizations (unions) offer tort liability to teacher candidates.

Membership in either the Student Tennessee Education Association or the Professional Educators of Tennessee will grant teacher candidates with tort liability insurance. Each organization offers different opportunities to the teacher candidate; each candidate should read carefully the benefits of membership in each group and make the choice most appropriate to them. 

(* A teacher education candidate is anyone seeking initial teacher licensure through a Cumberland University Program.)