Cumberland University

Criminal Background Check for Teacher Licensure

CU students who declare an education-related major or major qualifying them for initial teacher licensure MUST submit to background check and fingerprinting procedures.

This is to be done while the undergraduate candidates are enrolled in ED 201, Education as a Profession. Graduate candidates in an MAE program track leading to initial teaching or adminstrative licensure must complete a background check upon entering the program. A second background check may be required by the host school during student teaching.

If you live in or around the Lebanon, TN area, you may want to use E&A Solutions (1037 West Main Street, Suite A, Lebanon, TN) for your fingerprinting location. To schedule to make an appointment, please call MorphoTrust at 1-855-226-2937. You must schedule to make an appointment for your fingerprinting process. If you do not know what fingerprinting locations are around your area, or if you want to schedule an appointment online, please visit

If you need further assistance please contact the School of Humanities, Education, and the Arts Administrative Assistant at

You will need to enter the correct Agency Name, Applicant Type and enter Cumberland University's ORI Number which you can find here:

ORI Number: TNCC95015
Agency Name: Non-DCS Childcare/Adoption
Applicant Type: Child Related Worker PRIVATE

Once you have completed this 5-7 minute process, print the final screen and take the sheet to the fingerprinting location.

A background check is only as good as the moment it is issued; therefore, School of Education students or candidates in a program leading to initial licensure must sign the following statement stating that they agree to notify the School of Education of any incident that will alter the status of their initial background check (print, sign and bring or send the statement to the School of Education office to be filed.)

If a background check is returned by the TBI to the university indicating a record with the courts, the university will follow this procedure. Anyone with a felony background is INELIGIBLE for teacher licensure in the state, and therefore will be assisted in determining another appropriate major or otherwise asked to leave the program.

Cumberland University's School of Education is in full compliance with laws concerning the employment of individuals in Tennessee schools (pursuant to Tenn. Code Ann. §49-5-413). The Tennessee Board of Education's statement on this policy and frequently asked questions can be found here. State law concerning initial licensure can be found here.