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The Cumberland University Jazz Ensemble is a select group of musicians who perform a variety of music including Big Band jazz, swing, rhythm and blues, rock and hip hop. The ensemble consists of five saxophones, four trombones, four trumpets, guitar, bass, piano, drums, vibraphone, auxiliary percussion and vocalist. The university also sponsors a smaller, seven-piece, Cumberland University Jazz Combo.

The twenty-piece ensemble is one of the most popular performance groups at Cumberland and is showcased at many events throughout the year. In addition to concerts and community events, the jazz ensemble regularly performs atelementary, junior high, and high schools in the region. Each year the group co-sponsors (along with the Cumberland Arts Academy) the JazzFest, an all-day jazz festival featuring performances by ten high school bands, guest artists, and the Cumberland University Jazz Ensemble itself.

GOALS: The primary goals of the Cumberland University Jazz Ensemble are to prepare the music student for a career as a music educator and as a professional performer. It is deemed essential that all music educators and professional musicians should have experienced jazz, pop, rock, and rhythm and blues styles as a performer. However, there are many non-music majors who participate in the ensemble just for sheer fun of it!

SCHOLARSHIPS: The Cumberland University Jazz Ensemble shares scholarship awards with the university band program, thus it is possible to be awarded a significant scholarship to help pay tuition at Cumberland.

Jazz Combo

Open by audition only, the Cumberland University Jazz Combo is a smaller, seven-piece, jazz group that performs at many university and community functions. The combo is called upon to play all styles of "popular" music including jazz, rock, r&b, pop, etc. Occasionally the combo also plays professional engagements. The combo is open to students by audition only.