Cumberland University

Faculty and Staff Giving

An important step in fully joining the Cumberland University community is to ensure the best possible education for our students. By participating in faculty and staff giving, we are raising the bar and showing pride in Cumberland, our campus and the success of our students.

To those outside of the communities we serve, our involvement in giving reflects a pride in our campus, our programs, and in the educational experience that our students receive every day. Your choice to support the university is a loud and clear message that Cumberland is among the best schools in Tennessee.

Everyone's participation in giving will make a difference...regardless of amount. Every gift, of any amount, will help make a significant impact on Cumberland University and the students who have placed their faith in us.

Questions? Contact Jonathon Hawkins in the Office of Advancement at (615) 547-1239.

Yes! I would like to participate in faculty and staff giving.

One-Time Gift

Check or Cash

- Just print out the donation form, fill it out, and return it to Nova Lawrence in the Office of Advancement. Make checks payable to Cumberland University.


- Secure, one-time online gifts are accepted via credit card.

Donation Form  Online Giving

Payroll Deduction

This is the most popular choice for our faculty and staff! It is easy and convenient. Payroll deductions can be recurring or for a specific time period. A recurring donation rolls over each year until you ask the Advancement Office to stop or change the donation. Fill out the payroll deduction donation form and return it to the Office of Advancement.

Payroll Deduction Form

Monthly Giving

Cumberland University now accepts recurring monthly gifts through funds transfer from your checking or savings account. These pre-authorized donations are withdrawn electronically from your bank account on timeline decided by you. It's really quite cost effective. If you wish to sign up, please complete the Monthly Giving Form, follow instructions on the form, and the mail it back to the Office of Advancement along with a voided check.

Monthly Giving Form