Cumberland University

Technology Discounts


Microsoft Requirements:


Only a one-time purchase is allowed, per version of product and a student or CU Employee email address is required, and verified, to setup an account and purchase from the Microsoft Student/Faculty Store.

Microsoft Office 365 for CU Students, Faculty, and Staff


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Adobe Requirements:


What are acceptable forms of student/faculty/staff verification?

Students (any one of the following):

a.) Student photo I.D. with a sticker validating it for the current term - front and back copy.

b.) Any form of photo I.D. AND dated current class schedule

c.) Any form of photo I.D. AND dated letter of enrollment in the current term on school letterhead.

Faculty/Staff Employees (any one of the following):

a.) Photo I.D. AND official, current institution paycheck stub (you may block personal information)

b.) Photo I.D. AND official letter on school letterhead verifying employment

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Dell Requirements:


Click on the category Banners toward the bottom of the page. You can also order Dell products by calling 1 (800) 695-8133 and mentioning Member ID US2062465.

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Sprint Requirements:

Existing Sprint customers can visit to request to have their discount added if they are currently not receiving one.

Employee Discount Info: 

23% Discount Applies to Select Regularly Priced Sprint Monthly Service
Discount Code:  GUHPI_CMB_ZZZ

Student Discount Info:  

10% Discount Applies to Select Regularly Priced Spring Monthly Service
Waived Activation Fees ($36 Value per Line)
Discount Code:  GMCTA_CMB_ZST