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Emergency Information


This site is intended to provide pertinent information to the Cumberland University community about what to do in advance of, during, and following an emergency.  In the event of an emergency the campus community will be notified through a variety of mechanisms.



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Text CUALERTS to 41411 to receive emergency alerts and response information for students, faculty and staff.

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Important Phone Numbers

Emergency  8-911
Campus Security 615-476-3061
Lebanon City Police 615-443-2323

Emergency Preparedness

Policies and Procedures
Additional Resources


In the event of an emergency

Your partnership with the University is key to our security and emergency preparedness.  When contacting emergency assistance, you should share the following information:

  1. Provide your name, location, and phone number.
  2. Describe what is happening or has taken place.
  3. Stay on the line until all possible information is conveyed.

How updates are sent and made available

  • CU Text Alerts - sign up by texting CUALERTS to 41411 
  • Cumberland University email system
  • Follow the University on Facebook and/or Twitter
  • Information will be posted to the University website
  • Information will be shared with local media when available

Emergency Preparedness

Important Phone Numbers

  • Cumberland University - 800-476-0562
  • Campus Security - 615-476-3061
  • Lebanon City Police - 615-443-2323
  • Wilson County Sheriff - 615-444-1412
  • University Medical Center - 615-444-8262

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