Barbara Tincher

Instructor, Jeanette C. Rudy School of Nursing

BSN, University of Kentucky
MSN, Wright State University
Nurse Practitioner Certificate, The Ohio State University
Office Location: McFarland Building
Office Hours: Monday (Noon-4 p.m.), Wednesday (Noon-4 p.m.)
Phone: 615.547.1203

Barb Tincher graduated from the University of Kentucky with a BSN degree, from Wright State University with a MSN degree and from Ohio State University with a Nurse Practitioner Certificate. Barb spent most of her professional career in "cold, cold" Ohio.

While there, she assisted with the organization and launch of an associate degree nursing program and taught for several years. She also started a home health company and was the administrator/owner for more than five years. As her interest in wellness was peaking, she received the opportunity to begin a clinical case management program for inpatients at the local hospital. That experience led to the opportunity to begin a community-wide case management program for high-risk, chronically ill clients in the local community. Prior to her departure from Ohio, her staff managed approximately 750 chronically ill individuals.

She remains very interested in promoting wellness as the primary bullet in the fight against illness and chronic disease. She thinks much can still be done to educate the public regarding individual responsibility for health and wellness outcomes.

Currently, she serves as an Adult Nurse Practitioner at the faith-based Salvus Center in Gallatin, Tenn., where she sees patients who are uninsured. In addition, she teaches with the medical-surgical nursing team at the Rudy School of Nursing at CU. In her many years of teaching, Barb says her favorite thing remains "seeing the lights come on" in the eyes of a student. It makes her feel that she has accomplished her job and achieved her goal as a teacher. It remains, by far, her greatest joy in teaching.