Joshua Hayden

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Executive Director of General Education
Assistant Professor of Leadership Studies, School of Humanities, Education and the Arts

BA, Leadership Studies, University of Richmond
MEd, Organizational Leadership, Vanderbilt University
EdD, Higher Education Leadership and Policy, Vanderbilt University
Phone: (615) 547-1315

Dr. Hayden joined the Cumberland University faculty in 2010. His research interests within the field of leadershipare historical studies in spiritual leadership, organizational behavior in public service institutions, and college student growth and development. He currently teaches the first-year seminar course, Foundations of Scholarship and Learning, and a Masters of Public Service Management (MSP) course in Organizational Behavior. 

Prior to Cumberland, Dr. Hayden was an adjunct instructor in Human and Organizational Development for three and a half years teaching courses in leadership theory, historical leadership and international organizations. While teaching part time and completing his doctorate, he worked on a consulting grant with the Tennessee Department of Human Services and Vanderbilt’s department of Leadership Development and Intercultural Affairs. He completed his doctorate at Vanderbilt in 2009 in Higher Education Leadership and Policy. Hayden also earned his master’s degree at Vanderbilt University in Organizational Leadership. His undergraduate degree is from the University of Richmond in Leadership Studies.

Dr. Hayden’s professional experience is in higher education, and non-profit and for-profit consulting. For four years, he served as the Assistant Director of the President’s Leadership Program at Christopher Newport University in Virginia.  In 2003, he coordinated a group sponsored by a non-governmental organization in Washington, DC in serving community development efforts in the third world. Hayden has traveled extensively and maintains connections and relationships in India, Kazakhstan, Ethiopia, Uganda and Brazil. He has worked briefly in the healthcare industry coordinating a leadership development initiative at Spheris, Inc. In 2012, Hayden began as an advisor board member for the Salvation Army in Nashville.

Dr. Hayden is currently leading Cumberland’s General Education Core and “Connect”, CU’s common outside of class intellectual experience in the first two years. He also Cumberland’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) effort focused on the academic transitions of first-year students. This program, named “Scholarship, Learning and Academic Mentoring” (SLAM) features a course for all freshman students, entitled Foundations of Scholarship and Learning, and is taught by several full-time faculty.



Selected Publications and Conference Presentations

Hayden, J.M. & McKee, C.W. (2012) “From Strategies to Goals: Creating an Empowering Context for FacultyStudent Interaction” Conference Presentation at Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) Annual Meeting, Stand 6: General Interest Topics in Higher Education. Dallas, TX: December 8-11, 2012.

Hayden, J.M. & Hayden, J.C. (2012) “Great Divides of Understanding: The Challenges of Muslim Leadership in America” Conference Presentation at the 14 Denver, CO: October 24-27, 2012. Click here to view the presentation.

Hayden, J.M. & McKee, C.W. (2011) “Small ways to make a big difference: student-faculty informal interaction band first-year student satisfaction” Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) Annual Meeting, Track 6: Current Issues in Higher Education, Dec. 3-6, 2011 Orlando, FL

Hayden, J.M. & Stumb, P.S. (2011) “Freshman Student Success Factors: An Empirical Study” International Conference on Learning and Administration in Higher Education, May 25-27 2011 Nashville, TN.

Hayden, J.M. (2010) “Developing Civility at the Deepest Levels of Difference: An Alternative model for Religious Pluralism on Campus” About Campus, Vol. 15, Issue 4.



Grants and Reports

Sims, P.; Elsdon, R.; Hayden, J.; & Lee, K. (2008) The Vision Implementation Project: A Report to the Tennessee Department of Human Services. Nashville, TN. (Final Report of a $3.9 Million, 3 year grant).

Hayden, J.M. (2009) Educational Leadership course for Teach Alabama curriculum. Grantor: Madison County Public Schools, State of Alabama



Interviews and Additional Information

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