Chris Fuller

Assistant Professor, Mathematics 
B.S., Physics, Auburn University
B.S., Mathematics, Auburn University
Master of Applied Mathematics, Auburn University
Ph.D., Mathematics, Auburn University
Office Location: Memorial Hall, 310C
Telephone: 615.547.1336

Dr. Fuller joined the faculty at Cumberland University in the fall of 2010. This year he will be teaching College Algebra, Mathematical Proofs and Structures, Linear Algebra, College Geometry, and Differential Equations. His area of interest in mathematics is linear algebra and its applications, specifically over an indefinite inner product space, but includes other areas of applied math.
In 2005, Dr. Fuller graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and a Bachelor of Science in Physics. He was a University Honors Scholar and was chosen by the faculty of the two departments as the top graduate in math and physics. In 2006, he completed a Master of Applied Mathematics for his work concerning the convergence of the iterative Jacobi method when solving a tri-diagonal system. He received his Ph.D. in May 2010 working with Frank Uhlig. As part of his dissertation, Dr. Fuller solved one of a dozen "Challenges in Matrix Theory" problems published a decade ago. None of the other challenges have yet been solved. While at Auburn, he received the Department of Mathematics and Statistics Teaching Award, the E. Haynesworth Fellowship, and several undergraduate scholarships.
Other than math, Dr. Fuller enjoys traveling and music. He participated in marching and concert bands in high school and college as well as with community groups. In high school, he was selected for several honor bands including the Alabama All-State concert band playing oboe. He has taught music lessons for piano, woodwinds, and percussion and served as a church pianist and organist for over ten years.


“A constructive proof of the Cartan–Dieudonné–Scherk Theorem in the real or complex case” Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra (2010), doi:10.1016/j.jpaa.2010.08.002