Academic Affairs

C. William "Bill" McKee | Vice President for Academic Affairs/Registrar
Browning, Lanah | Publications Manager, Assistant to the Registrar
Pavan, Tammi | Registrar


Jordan, Judy | Vice President for Finance
Pawlawski, Eddie | Executive Vice President
McKee, C. William | Vice President for Academic Affairs
Garrett, Stacey | Vice President for Online and Professional Studies
Richardson, Rusty | Vice President for Advancement


LaChance, Beatrice | Director of Enrollment Services
Stephens, Kim | Assistant Director of Admissions
Adcock, Amanda | Admissions Representative
Ensley, Jamie | Admissions Representative
Stockton, Jessie | Admissions Representative
Gibson, Katie | Coordinator of Graduate & International Admissions
Duncan, Matthew | Admissions Data Analyst
Chelsea Hardin | Admissions Representative

Advancement - Development & Alumni Relations

Bockstruck, Cheryl | Development Officer, Corporate & Foundation Relations
Burdine, Camille | Development Officer, Major Gifts
Ferrell, Stephanie | Development Officer, Major & Planned Gifts
Lawrence, Nova | Advancemnet Coordinator
Hawkins, Jonathon | Executive Director, Development & Alumni Relations
Richardson, Rusty | Vice President of Advancement

Athletic Training

Arnold, Katie | ATEP Director , Instructor
Bynum, Megan | Clinical Coordinator
Fair, La Keisha | Assistant AT
Meadows, James | Head AT, Instructor


Allen, Todd | Head Wrestling Coach
Bonner, Jeff | Head Bowling Coach
Currie, Ruth | Head Cheerleading Coach
Freeman, Jo Jo | Sports Information Director
Hunt, Woody | Head Coach, Baseball
Klosterboer, Jared | Head Cross Country Coach
Lewis, Jeremy | Head Coach, Women's Basketball
McCormick, Bill | Head Coach, Tennis
McKinney, Gavin | Head Coach, Women's Soccer
Pavan, Ron | Director of Athletics
Smith, Kyle | Head Coach, Men's Soccer
Stanfill, Heather | Head Coach, Softball
Suber, Donnie | Head Football Coach
Thompson, Lonnie | Head Coach, Men's Basketball
Walters, Mitch | Assistant Athletic Director, Retention & Eligibility
Williams, Rich | Head Golf Coach


Keri Lucia | Manager, University Bookstore

Business Office

Jordan, Judy | Vice President for Finance
Beasley, Janette | Staff Accountant
Fuller, Barbara | Accounts Receivable Associate
Hearn, Cindy | Accounts Receivable Associate
Petraitis, Krista | Accountant
Gray, Joe | Director of Administration
Angela Burns | Post Office Manager
Reese, Martha

Career Services and Internships

McPeak, Ronie, Director


Carter, Phillip | Executive Director
Essary, John  |  Design Manager for Print and Media

Counseling and Disability Services 

Kissell, Juanita, Director of Student Counseling

Cumberland Arts Academy

Blake, Carolyn | Accompanist, Piano

Dining Services 
Louis Catignani | Food Services Director, Chartwells

Financial Services

Brinton, Deborah | Student Financial Services Analyst II
Grindstaff, Megan | Student Financial Services
Kelly, Stacy | Assistant Director of Student Financial Services
LaChance, Beatrice | Director of Enrollment Services

Housing & Residence Life

Lovin, Eddie | Director of Residence Life

Human Resources

Butler, Annie | Assistant Director of Human Resources

Information Technology

Clancy, Scott | Help Desk Manager
Demeke, Tsehay | Database Administrator
McCall, Horace | Network Technician
Lambert, William | Director of Information Technology
England III, Jerry | Network Technician  

Institutional Research

Vaughan, Larry | Director of Institutional Research

Rudy School of Nursing and Health Professions

Arnold, Katie | ATEP Director
Barnett, James | Assistant Professor
Chatham, Beth | Assistant Professor
Crutcher, Ray Lynn | Director of Operations
Davis-Scott, Patricia | Assistant Professor
Donadio, A.J. | Assistant Professor of Nursing
Grindstaff, Jason | Assistant Professor, Health & Human Performance
Gunter, Judy | Assistant Professor
Holbrook, James | Associate Professor, Health and Human Performance
Humes, Gail | Assistant Professor
Kannon, Kristin | Administrative Assistant
Keil, Maggie | Director of Skills Lab
Kimbrell, Joy | Director of the Center for Nursing Success, Assistant Professor
Landers, Ronda | Assistant Professor
Markie, Jean | Assistant Professor
McRady, Fay | Coordinator of Mt. Juliet Nursing Program, Assistant Professor
Retallack, Robin | Assistant Professor
Storie, Dick | Instructor
Thorup, Diane | Assistant Professor
Tincher, Barbara | Assistant Professor
Walker, George | Assistant Professor, Director of Health and Human Performance and Sport and Exercise Pedagogy programs
Windmiller, Julie | Assistant Professor
Wright, Trudy | Assistant Professor

Labry School of Science, Technology, and Business 

Atwood, Kim | Biology Instructor and EPA compliance officer for the sciences
Bryan, Danny | Assistant Professor, Biology
Dishman, Laurie | Associate Professor of Mathematics
Fuller, Chris | Assistant Professor, Mathematics
Gammon, Kevin | Assistant Professor, Mathematics
Haley, Mary | Professor, Accounting and Economics
Landis, Eric | Assistant Professor, Management
Melnikov, Max | Associate Professor, Economics
Moser, Ron | Adjunct Professor
Nichols, Robert | Assistant Professor, Physics, Engineering Science, and Computational Science 
Pierce, Sarah | Assistant Professor, Chemistry and Engineering Science (on leave 2013-2014)
Sink, Connie | Administrative Assistant
Stumb, Paul | Dean, Labry School of Business and Technology

Online and Professional Studies 

Carlton, Rachel | Adjunct Professor
Garrett, Stacey | Vice President for Online and Professional Studies
Kelly, Stacy | Assistant Director of Student Financial Services
Minor, Joe | Program Director, Online Criminal Justice Program
Rucker, Secret | Online Enrollment Specialist
Rickard, Vickie | Director of Operations & Associate Registrar for Online and Professional Studies 
DeRouen, Stephani | Associate Administrator for Online and Professional Studies

President's Office

Steele, Leslie | Executive Coordinator to the President

School of Humanities, Education and the Arts  

Anderson, Marjorie | Assistant Professor, Coordinator of Field Experiences 
Bell, Charles Rick | Instructor, History
Byrd, Chris | Technical Assistant to Music and the Arts
Cheatham, William R. | Professor, Criminal Justice and Public Administration
Cheathem, Mark R. | Associate Professor, History
Collier, Charles | Professor of Education and Public Service 
Cummings, Eric | Dean, School of Humanities, Education and the Arts
Farris, James | Adjunct Professor, Public Service Management
Finch, Kim | Assistant Professor, Director of Child Growth and Learning Program
Finch, Stephen |  Assistant Professor of Education
Harris, Stuart | Associate Professor of English
Hayden, Joshua | Assistant Professor, Executive Director of General Education
Heifner, Fred | Professor, Anthropology, Philosophy and Religion
Inman, Natalie | Assistant Professor, History
Hobson, Karen | Secretary and Certification Officer
Kilian, Brian | Professor, Music
Markert, John P. | Associate Professor, Sociology
Mason, Jenny L. | Assistant Professor and Program Director, Psychology
McKee, C. William | Professor, Education and Public Service Management
Menefee, Larry | Professor, Speech and Theatre
Paise, Michele Paynter | Assistant Professor, Music
Rex, Michael | Associate Professor, English
Rose, Ted | Professor, School of Music and the Arts
Smith, Sandy | Special Education Program Head
Wright, Connie | Adjunct Assistant Professor, Psychology


Officer On Duty | 615.476.3061

Student Affairs

O'Guin, Libby | Director, Student Life

Student Success and Retention

Henson, Sheridan | Coordinator, Academic Enrichment

Vise Library

Hitchcock, Eloise | Director, Vise Library
Thomas, Ashli | Library Technical Assistant
McKee, Amber | Instruction Librarian