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Sandee Lorene Gertz

Instructor of English


M.A., Wilkes University

M.F.A., Wilkes University



Sandee is an educator and author, with over 20 years of experience writing and publishing her work, which includes essays, poetry, memoir, freelance articles, weekly columns (online and print), technical and other business writing.  Her book of poetry, The Pattern Maker's Daughter, was published with Bottom Dog Press in 2012.  She has also completed a memoir and is working on a novel and new collection of poetry.   A native of Western Pennsylvania, Sandee has been living in Nashville for nearly five years.  She currently resides in East Nashville.  In her home state, she was a guest lecturer at several universities, where her book was used in courses at the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon.  Sandee considers teaching and sharing her love of language, reading, and writing to be a privilege and is very excited and happy to be teaching Composition and Creative Writing/Poetry at Cumberland University.  Some of her favorite short story writers are Raymond Carver and Flannery O’Connor.    Recently, much of her work has explored the “North/South” dichotomy of her life and the history of her new home in Tennessee.  While her first poetry collection focused on the geography, geology, people and industry of her hometown (Johnstown, Pennsylvania), she is now addressing the journey of her move to the south with similar themes: “Trace of Salt,” Sandee’s new poetry manuscript in progress, focuses on the concept of “salt licks”—these intriguing geographic and geological finds of Tennessee and nearby that drew the first animals of our state, and thereafter Native American hunters and pioneers.  The traces and paths worn down by primitive animals who craved the nutrients only a salt lick could provide have become our first roads and first settlements over time. On Sundays at 11:00 CT, she hosts a Poetry Radio show on Radio Free Nashville, called "Everyday Poetry; Poetry for the People!" which focuses on contemporary free verse, accessible poetry.  Tune in if you like at with live streaming.