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Jamison Hurt

Adjunct Instructor of Criminal Justice

Jamison Hurt

Adjunct Instructor of Criminal Justice


B.A., University of Tennessee

M.A., University of Memphis


Jamison earned her BA in Anthropology from The University of Tennessee.  She continued her education at the University of Memphis where she taught Cultural Anthropology and Biological Anthropology as a graduate assistant and earned her Master’s Degree in Anthropology, specializing in Public Archaeology.  After graduation, Jamison worked for two Cultural Resource Management Firms as a field and lab director.  She worked many CRM projects including the FedEx Forum and Memphis Airport Cemetery.  She has also presented papers and contributed to publications on those projects.  

Jamison moved to Nashville to take a Forensic/CODIS Technician position in the DNA/Serology Unit with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.  During her tenure at TBI, she was a member of a Violent Crime Response Team.  Upon completion of the required chemistry coursework, Jamison was promoted to a Special Agent/Forensic Scientist but later returned to the Forensic/CODIS Technician position.  In addition, Jamison has taught several semesters of Forensic Anthropology both on the ground and online for Cumberland University. 



After the birth of her twins, Jamison left her 10+ year career with the Bureau to be a stay at 

home mom.