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Rochelle Moore

Psychology Instructor/dual enrollment

Rochelle Moore

Psychology Instructor/dual enrollment


B.S., M.S., Psychology, Tennessee State University; Nashville, TN

Ed. S. School Psychology, Tennessee State University; Nashville, TN

Rochelle Moore is a Psychology Instructor/dual enrollment for Cumberland University's Psychology Program. She is new to the university as of Fall 2015, with previous teaching experience in urban and rural public schools in Russellville, Kentucky. A Nashville native, Ms. Moore graduated from Whites Creek Comprehensive High School in Whites Creek, TN.  Following graduation from Tennessee University with her Master's degree in Psychology, Ms. Moore continued to work in the field of mental health, social work, alcohol and drug facilities, as well as in education. Current teaching responsibilities for Ms. Moore include undergraduate courses in general psychology.  As psychology is such a diverse field, Ms. Moore has enjoyed opportunities in counseling, consulting, psychological testing, and academia. She believes that it is always important to meet people where they are and work to build them up from there.



 A Study of Alternatives to Corporal Punishment in Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools 

Published Book

 Making the Jump: How to Successfully Transition from High School to College. 

Nashville, TN: ClearVision Publishing (2015)