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Jennifer Novo

Director of Student Success and Retention, and Instructor of Foundations of Scholarship and Learning

Jennifer Novo

Director of Student Success and Retention, and Instructor of Foundations of Scholarship and Learning


B.S., Florida International University

M.S., Florida International University


Jennifer Novo has a unique ability to connect with students, her passion and leadership for student success will spearhead initiatives and enhance campus diversity.


As an FSL instructor, Jennifer uses the classroom as a hub for learning, growth and development. She is a student advocate and promotes learning through positive reinforcement. Jennifer understands that each individual learns differently and tailors her lectures and workshops to the unique personalities and abilities of the group. Jennifer embraces diversity and the sharing of ideas. Her philosophy is to promote a balance of respectful debate and conversation.


Jennifer has also been involved with the nonprofit scholarship foundation Equal Chance for Education, ECE's goal is to enable educational opportunities to focused, high-achieving students in need. She is a volunteer mentor with TN Promise and has worked with the Oasis Center & Conexion Americas.


College and University life has been a part of her life for over fifteen years. She has helped thousands of students navigate through the rigors of college life. During her time at the University of Miami, Jennifer held various roles including a leadership role as the University Student Retention Specialist, later taking part in the development of a campus wide task force to enhance student financial registration. She also held roles in Student Accounts and Event Planning at the School of Business.


Jennifer is a first generation American. She is proud of her Hispanic roots and enjoys meeting people of diverse backgrounds. At Cumberland University, she is a faculty advisor for the International Student Organization and the LGBT student organization Pride Alliance. She served a Dean of Student Success during the spring and summer of 2015. She currently works with tutoring and testing services at the Academic Enrichment Center and focuses her efforts on student success. She lives in Mount Juliet a suburb outside of Nashville, Tennessee with her husband and son.