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Laura L Redmond

Adjunct Instructor of English

Laura L Redmond

Adjunct Instructor of English


B.A., Oakland University

M.A., Oakland University

Ph.D., Wayne State University


Before coming to Cumberland University, Laura Redmond lived in Michigan and taught writing at Oakland University and writing and literature at Wayne State University.  

Since coming to Cumberland in the fall of 2006, she has taught the freshman writing sequence (Composition I and II), Introduction to Literature (Fiction, Poetry and Drama), Shakespeare, Topics in Literature (Retelling Stories, Film, Stage, and Print) and (Playing with Pulitzer-Prized Dramas), Genre Studies (Novels and Their Films) and (The Supernatural in Fiction), Introduction to Film Studies, Film Theory and Criticism, and accompanied a group of Cumberland students on a tour of places of literary and historic interest in Scotland and England. Her areas of interest include Early Modern British Literature, Shakespeare, drama, Film Studies, the novel, poetry, short stories, creative non-fiction, rhetoric, rhetoric and technology, and imaginative writing. She credits William Shakespeare (and the great aunt who gave her a volume of his complete works when she was twelve) for her decision to major in English.  

After completing her Bachelor of Arts in English (Summa Cum Laude) (Departmental Honors), with a minor in Studio Art, at Oakland University, she was admitted to the Master of Arts in English program and awarded a Graduate Assistantship.  This gave her the additional opportunity to learn what being an instructor at a university was like.  Her Master’s Project was “Sir Philip Sidney: From Chivalric Ideal to Renaissance Icon.” Upon completing the Master of Arts program at Oakland, she entered the doctoral program in English at Wayne State University on a Thomas C. Rumble Recruitment Fellowship.  In addition to focusing on Early Modern British Literature, she completed coursework for a cognate in Film Studies and studied French to meet the language requirement, and for the fun of it. While completing her coursework and qualifying exams she held a Graduate Teaching Assistantship.  Her dissertation prospectus title is “In Praise of English Poets: Elegiac Practice and the Poet as Icon, 1557-1676.” In her free time, she enjoys photography and recently exhibited a collection of her work entitled Sacred Spaces. Gardening and DIY projects are other favorite pastimes.