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Spring Musical - Nunsense

Heydel Fine Arts Center Theatre

Sister Amnesia's Country Western "Nunsense" Jamboree  

Nunsense begins when the  Little Sisters of Hoboken  hold a variety show to raise money to bury the last 4 of their 52 sisters (currently stored in the freezer!) who were accidentally poisoned by their cook!  Filled with hilarity, both Catholic and otherwise, watch as the 5 nuns perform their planned performance amidst chaos and calamity. Our nuns interact with the audience and take their turns in the spotlight, highlighting the roles they play within the convent. Written in classic show-tune style, Nunsense is full of zingers and sight gags, updated for today, that are still funny after all these years!

Public Welcome - Free Admission

Reservations 615-547-1364