Cumberland University

WCLP Mentor Responsibilities

The Cumberland University Women's Council for Leadership is designed to establish and nurture mentorship relationships with female Cumberland students. It is the Women's Council’s goal to bridge the gap between academia and “real world” experience to ease the transition from college to career. Mentee recruitment begins at the beginning of each fall semester.

- Be available for a monthly, face-to-face meeting
- Be available via e-mail
- Commit to student through their graduation and/or exit from program
- Arrange at least one job shadow day for student (can be with another female professional other than mentor)
- Accompany student to at least one networking event
- Assist student with selecting their community service, professional development and employment opportunities as they arise
- Each mentor may have no more than two students at a time

- Must seek out opportunity and sign up on her own
- Attend monthly face-to-face meeting
- Prepare agenda for monthly meetings and alert mentor to her needs
- Commit to program through graduation
- Participate in one job-shadow day per semester
- Attend one networking event per semester
- Participate in one community service project/event per semester (this can be a one-day event, not an ongoing project)
- Complete program evaluation form