Cumberland University

Mentee Benefits & Expectations

A mentee takes an active role and responsibility for his or her learning and development.  A mentor helps facilitates that growth by serving as a resources and by asking thought-provoking questions that help you to reflect on your experiences. The intended outcome is that you will be able to make strategic and informed decisions regarding your academic and professional life. 

Benefits of Having a Mentor:

  • Having someone to talk with about navigating the day-to-day of college life and about making the most of your time at Cumberland.

  • Learning more about a specific industry or career field.

  • Gaining perspective and support on academic pursuits and challenges.

  • Utilizing an opportunity to cultivate a relationship over time.

The following are guidelines that will help you to have a successful mentoring partnership:

Maintain regular contact. Mentors and mentees are encouraged to be in contact at least once a month during the mentoring term. Conversations may occur over the phone, via Facetime (or similar software), and/or in person when possible. 

Set clear and realistic goals. At the start of a mentoring partnership, mentors and mentees will have a conversation that addresses goals for both the mentor and mentee.  

Be responsive. Both mentors and mentees are expected to return calls and e-mails in a timely manner (e.g. within two business days). If your mentor is not responsive please contact

Receive feedback. It is important that mentees be open to receiving feedback that is candid and delivered in a thoughtful and constructive way.  If necessary, your mentor will help you learn how to receive and respond to feedback by modeling the behavior through open discussion.

Participate in self-reflection and self-development. Expect thought-provoking questions designed to help you understand and articulate your motivations, accomplishments, weaknesses, etc. 

Honor commitments. If a mentoring conversation must be cancelled, it is expected that you and your mentor will do your best to communicate in advance of the meeting and reschedule.  If you decide to remove yourself from the program, it is expected that you will honor partnerships in progress.  If circumstances prohibit you or your mentor from participating in the program prior to the end of a term, each party must agree to notify their mentoring partner and one of the AMP coordinators.

Evaluate. At the end of each semester, both participants will be required to complete an evaluation form.

*Note: Mentors are not expected to offer internships or jobs.