Cumberland University

Marcy Little (Class of 2007)

Award Recipient Marcy Little ('07) and Jonathon Hawkins,
Executive Director for Development & Alumni Relations

What does Cumberland University mean to you and how do you feel about being recognized as the recipient of the 2016 Award of Excellence in Nursing and Health Professions?

I am honored to be the recipient of this award! Nursing is not only my career, but a valued portion of my life. The skills of a nurse transcends the job that we perform. Unfortunately, in this field of work, thank you is something that isn't always heard. I am beaming at the opportunity to represent my alma mater in this way! 

Do you have any special memories or stories about Cumberland that you would like to share?

My most fond memory of Cumberland is of my dean of nursing, Leann Busby. She was a huge ally in my corner rooting for me every step of the way!

Tell us about your current and past work experience and how Cumberland may have helped you prepare for success.

Since my time at Cumberland University, I have been employed as a registered nurse in a long term care setting where I provided wound care to patients across the lifespan. I also received my master's in nursing from Vanderbilt University in Family Practice, and my most current employment is with the Putnam County Health Department and Community Health Center as a family nurse practitioner. I am also currently pursuing my PhD in public health with a concentration in epidemiology. My time at Cumberland taught me to work hard in life to become successful and to always pursue my dreams.

What impact do you see Cumberland having?

Cumberland University empowers students to be the best version of themselves possible! I loved my time at CU and I recommend their programs to everyone!