Cumberland University

Aquinas College Students

A Message for Students of Aquinas College

The students, faculty, and staff of Cumberland University would be honored to have you continue your undergraduate or graduate education with Cumberland University. While this is likely a confusing time, rest assured in knowing that Cumberland University welcomes you wholeheartedly. There are many similarities between Aquinas and Cumberland, and we are making special provisions tailored to you that will make a transfer here smooth and beneficial.

Saint Thomas Aquinas said, “The things that we love tell us what we are.” Take a good look at CU — come for a visit, ask us any questions — and you will see that we are rooted in love for our students, and our brothers and sisters locally and around the world. While we are not affiliated with a religion, Cumberland University is welcoming to the Catholic faith. You will find that our campus is safe, respectful, and full of people who are believers. CU is located near churches of different faiths, however our closest neighbor is St. Francis Cabrini Catholic Church.

Our small-school environment, seamless transition of credits, generous scholarships, award-winning programs, and open arms to the Catholic faith are among the reasons why continuing your education at Cumberland University is an excellent choice.





If you look at Aquinas College and Cumberland University side-by-side, we are both:

Small liberal arts schools — the benefits of a small campus and a low faculty-to-student ratio are numerous. Best of all, the faculty and students here will know your name. Our current enrollment is 1,963, which includes full, part-time and online degree students. We have the Rudy School of Nursing and Health Professions; the School of Humanities, Education, and the Arts; and the Labry School of Science, Technology and Business.

A Cumberland education is high quality and prepares our students well for life after they graduate. For example, recently our educator preparation program (EPP) overall received the highest marks on the Tennessee Board of Education’s new Teacher Preparation Report Card. The Report Card reveals how effectively the state’s colleges, universities, and other providers are training teachers for success in the classroom. Cumberland University's program ranked ahead of Middle Tennessee State University, Vanderbilt, Tennessee Tech and the University of Tennessee.

Historic — Cumberland was founded in 1842, while Aquinas College’s history began with the establishment of the Saint Cecilia Congregation in 1860. CU is certainly not a “fly by night” institution!

Focused on personalized education — At CU, we are committed to helping our students reach their goals. We have an Academic Success Center which offers individual and group tutoring, mentoring, as well as a Writing Center where you can walk-in and receive help with any step of the writing process. Academic Success Center staff also offer a valuable assessment called Focus 2 which helps students find which majors and careers match their strengths. They will walk you through your results and map out a career path with you.

Focused on serving others — CU students volunteer their time to local causes as well as international causes. Our Campus Chaplain organizes a Spring Break mission trip to Haiti each year. Our nursing students have traveled to underserved areas in the United States, as well as internationally to offer health checkups to adults and children.

Enjoy campus traditions — Our annual Fall FunFest for the community, Red Cross blood drives, Chapel Chats that allow our students to explore their faith in an educational setting, year-long intramural sports that are open to everyone, service trips to Haiti, and a convocation ceremony at the start of the fall semester.