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General Financial Aid Information

Finding Money for College
"How am I going to pay for college?" It's a question you may have been asking yourself as of late. Although financing a college education may appear to be a daunting task, there are many resources to help you and your parents. One of the best ways to reach your goal is to ask as many questions as possible. Taking the time to ask questions now may save you money in the future.

Some Questions to Ask
  1. What is the yearly cost of attendance, including books, tuition, fees, housing and meal plans? Does the cost vary for out-of-state students?

  2. Which financial aid forms are required? (The most common two are the FAFSA and the CSS PROFILE, but some schools have institutional or school-specific forms, and some states have special forms).

  3. What types of aid does the school offer, and what is the deadline to apply for each type?

  4. What steps are required to apply for aid at the school?

  5. What percent of entering freshmen receive aid? What was the average freshman aid package? Is there a way aid is packaged, loans first for example? If you are unhappy with your aid package, is it negotiable?

  6. If you demonstrate need, will the school be able to prepare a financial aid package that will meet 100% of your demonstrated need?

  7. What types of payment plans exist for paying the Estimated Family Contribution?

  8. Does the school offer a discount for pre-payment or early payment of costs?


College Financing Web Resources

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Finding Scholarships*
Scholarship searches can be conducted using many different resources. Here are a few: Other places to check include your high school guidance office, local library, local churches, local organizations (i.e., ELKS, VFW, American Legion), search engines and your local college financial aid office. *As a reminder, scholarships should represent "free" money. Be cautious of websites or companies that require a fee to help you find scholarships.