Cumberland University

Student Services

Cumberland University has established an Office of Student Affairs to facilitate the success experiences of all individuals enrolled in the institution.  Persons taking classes in an alternative delivery location are both invited and encouraged to avail themselves of the programs and professional staff located in Lebanon, and because classes in the (MSP) degree program are taught in near-by Davidson County, the distance from the main campus is not prohibitive for enrollees to use, on a regular basis, the campus services.

When appropriate, certain student affairs/services functions can be delivered to the alternative delivery locations.  Since the advisor to this program has both educational training and employment experience in this area of university management, he can represent the institution in responding to the questions and needs of the students enrolled in this program.

On-site student services include academic advisement and registration.  For many classes, the advisor or professor will bring the textbooks and other required classroom materials, for student purchase, to the location of the class.

The Program Advisor is available by telephone or e-mail to facilitate any needed inter-actions between the student and personnel located on the campus.  Faculty teaching in the program supply each student with both home and office telephone numbers and encourage the enrollee to contact them with questions and concerns or if special assistance is needed in their particular course.

Campus based student services include admissions, the book and supply store, counseling services (both career and personal), enrollment verification, financial aid and scholarship information, the library (including reference assistance), orientation (including the making of an I.D. card), placement services, transcript and grade report requests, plus veterans certification.

Previous and current students enrolled in this program have come to campus regularly for sporting, musical, and theatrical events.  Admission to many of these functions is free with a validated I.D. card.  Graduate students are encouraged to participate in the athletic and cultural life of the University.

For assistance in student services or other areas of the degree program, the advisor serves as the contact individual.  Regular dialog with the advisor is encouraged.

Location of Instruction

(MSP) classes will be held in miscellaneous governmental facilities located in the Metropolitan Nashville-Davidson County area.  Current instruction locations are the Community Room of the East Precinct and the Auditorium of the North Precinct of the Nashville-Davidson County Police Department.

Available Technology

Currently, any Cumberland University (MSP) student may access the University’s information technology system through the Cumberland WebPage at  Through the WebPage, a graduate student may check grades as well as other institutional data information, communicate with the on-campus professor and classmates through e-mail and list servers, access the EBSCO Host academic research and other on-line databases, and connect to the world-wide web.  Students are encouraged to have access to an appropriate personal computer.

Identification Cards

An I.D. card will be prepared for each (MSP) student early in the inaugural enrollment term.  This document allows the student to use the Cumberland Vise University Library facility in order to obtain reference and other needed research services, to use the University computer laboratories, and to gain admission to campus events.

Honor Societies

A large number of national honor/recognition societies have chapters on the Cumberland University campus.  Membership in many of these groups is open to both undergraduate and graduate students.  Previously, students enrolled in this graduate program have been inducted into the Omicron Delta Kappa National Honor Society (Leadership and Service), and Pi Gamma Mu National Honor Society (Social Sciences).  Criteria for affiliation are distributed by the various organizations.

Severe Weather Dismissals 

Extreme adverse weather conditions, such as ice and/or snow, may require Cumberland University to close.  Every attempt will be made to notify area radio and television stations as soon as classes are cancelled, and students are encouraged to registrar for the institutional text message inclement weather notification system.  If on-campus classes do not meet, courses offered at the alternative delivery sites in Nashville-Davidson County will also be called-off.  Individual faculty teaching in off-campus locations may cancel/dismiss a class session due to travel concerns.  Students are expected to exercise discretion regarding personal safety whether the University is open or closed.

Image and Taping Policy

Cumberland University will use will photographs, videotapes, films, and other visual images in publications, student recruitment materials, news releases, or other materials with the consent of the subject.  Subjects must complete written forms before the professional production of student recruitment materials, or television or radio commercials is begun.  Photographs taken by the University at University sponsored events and activities may be released to appear in public documents and may otherwise be released without the consent of the subject unless a written request not to release image is filed with the University Registrar.

Photographs of minor children participating in University sponsored events will be taken and/or used by the University only with the consent of parents, guardians, and/or responsible adults supervising the children.  Images of children, whose faces are not recognizable or do not identify the children, may be used without the consent of a responsible adult.  Directors or coordinators of agencies or programs visiting campus, University classes, and/or using campus facilities should obtain written permission from parents or guardians to use the images of minor children.

Cumberland University reserves the right to record, by use of audio and/or video tape equipment, any class or class session for educational purposes.  Students may be seen and/or heard in these tapes and should be aware of this fact when they enroll in any course.

The use of the University seal and other logos and representations of the Institution must be in compliance with the “Approved Representations Policy.”