Cumberland University

Load & Tuition

Students in the (MSP) degree program will enroll for seven (7) or eight (8) hours during the fall, spring, and May/summer semesters.  The normal load is seven (7) semester hours for each of the fall and spring terms and eight (8) semester hours for the May/summer session.

Class Attendance

Peer as well as faculty interaction is a very important component in the (MSP) graduate learning process.  Thus, the class attendance of each student is a significant factor in the teaching and learning environment, and student attendance in class is an important expectation of the program.  A student is expected to discuss any absence, preferably in advance, with his/her professor.

In general, faculty members will assist the student in securing the information missed due to an emergency and/or work-related absence.

All cellular telephones and paging devices must be turned off during class and testing periods.

Tuition and Fees

Click here for (MSP) tuition information.

Scholarship Availability and Cost of Attendance with a Scholarship

An admitted (MSP) student will qualify for a special graduate scholarship.  The University provides these awards based on the enrollee having received a baccalaureate degree and the perceived potential for success in both this academic program and in the current/future employment arena.  Individual scholarship students are encouraged to seek additional funding and/or reimbursement from their employing agencies.  A per month payment plan and/or a student loan program will be made available on tuition balances due after all scholarship monies have been applied to a student account.  The University accepts both personal checks and MasterCard/Visa/Discover/American Express in addition to cash for the payment of tuition and fees.  

Employees of the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services may be eligible to receive additional tuition assistance.  Specific information is available through the Department.

Payment Plan

A no-interest budget plan (“FACTS”) is available for students.  A $35.00 per semester or a $50.00 annual enrollment fee is charged.  In order to participate, a student must complete an “Automatic Tuition Payment Agreement” which authorizes their bank to deduct tuition charges from a checking and/or savings account on specific dates during the semester.  This plan may also be used with a valid MasterCard/Visa/Discover/American Express credit card.  Students considering the “FACTS” payment plan should read the current information and apply for the plan through the University website.

Refund Policy

Cumberland University has adopted the federal refund policy as established by the United States Department of Education as defined in the “Higher Education Act Amendments” as specified in 1992.  Federal refund policies are subject to revisions based on legislative changes and/or the issuance of additional federal regulations.  The current policy can be found here.

Books and Supplies

Required textbooks and supplies will be available for purchase in the University Bookstore located in the Labry Hall on the main campus of the University.

Application of Regulation

The Cumberland University rules and regulations found in program specific documents and in the Cumberland University Catalog, plus the Cumberland University Student Handbook, apply to (MSP) students.  These regulations include, but are not limited to, registration, schedule changes, withdrawal from class and/or the University, graduation participation, grade-point average requirements, release of information, student services, class availability, use of English, class attendance/preparation, grade reports, enrollment certification/verification, change of name/address, and academic misconduct.