Cumberland University

Degree Requirements

The number of semester hours required for the Master of Public Service Management degree is thirty-six (36).  Three (3) academic components (human relations, management, and research) are included and required for the (MSP) degree program.  Satisfactorily completing the required 16 classes are needed for graduation.

Written Presentations

Written papers and/or projects may be required in most listed classes.  These requirements are designed to enhance the written communication skills of the participants.

Oral Presentations

Students enrolled in the program will be expected to prepare and present (with appropriate handouts) an oral presentation in most the listed classes.  This requirement is designed to enhance the oral communication skills of the participants.

Positive Communication and Other Needed Skills

Every student is expected to have satisfactory written and oral communication skills.  Computer literacy (word processing) and an understanding of basic algebra are also considered very important.  For individuals deficient in these areas, the University will provide limited assistance in acquiring the necessary competencies.

Comprehensive Final Exam

A written comprehensive examination will be administered during the final semester before graduation.  A passing grade is considered to be eighty (80) percent or higher on each of the five (5) parts.

Graduation Requirements

  1. Listed below is a summary of the necessary requirements in order to earn the Master of Public Service Management degree at Cumberland University. Each student must complete the standard Program-of-Study as outlined by the University within five (5) years of initial enrollment.
  2. Each student must complete the required semester hours for the (MSP) degree within the established and published time-frame for the program.
  3. Each student must achieve a minimum over-all cumulative grade point average of 3.00 (on a 4.00 scale) based on all (MSP) courses taken.  No more than six (6) semester hours of “C” grade course work are acceptable in the (MSP) program.
  4. Each student must satisfactorily pass the Comprehensive Final Examination.
  5. Each student, at the beginning of their last semester of course work, must be current in their payment of all University tuition and fees.
  6. Each student must complete a “Graduation Application,” pay the required graduation fees, and participate in the Commencement and Hooding Ceremonies.