Cumberland University

Administration & Faculty


Eric W. Cummings, Ph.D. - Dean of the School of Education and Public Service

C. William McKee, Ed.D. - Program Director


Edwina P. Chappell, Ph.D.
K. Charles Collier, Ed.D.
James E. Farris, Ed.D.
Fred E. Heifner, Jr., Th.D.
Roy L. Jones, J.D.
Jason L. Lawson, J.D.
C. William McKee, Ed.D.
Mildred Saffell-Smith, Ph.D.


Faculty Credentials

Edwina Pace Chappell, Adjunct

B.S., Southern Illinois University
M.Ed., University of Memphis
Ph.D., Southern Illinois University

Additional Graduate Study:
Tennessee State University
University of Houston

Professional Licensure:
Licensed Psychologist (Tennessee)
Certified School Psychologist (National Association of School Psychologists)

Kenneth Charles Collier, Professor

B.S., University of Tennessee
M.A., and Ed.S., Tennessee Technological University
Ed.D., Vanderbilt University (Peabody College)

Professional Licensure:
Licensed Educational Professional (Tennessee)

Eric Cummings, Assistant Professor, Dean School of Education and Public Service

B.A., George Washington University
M.Ed., Harvard University
Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University

James Edward Farris, Adjunct

B.S., Middle Tennessee State University
M.S., and Ed.D., University of Tennessee

Fred Elmore Heifner, Jr, Professor

B.A., Louisiana College
M.Div., and Th.D., New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

Additional Graduate Study:
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Middle Tennessee State University

Roy Lee Jones, Adjunct

B.S., Tennessee Technological University
M.S., Cumberland University
J.D., Nashville School of Law

Professional Licensure:
Certified Public Accountant (Tennessee)

Jason Lee Lawson, Adjunct

B.S., Middle Tennessee State University
J.D., University of Tennessee

Professional Licensure:
Licensed to Practice Law (Tennessee)

Charles William McKee, Professor

B.S., University of Tennessee
M.Ed., Auburn University
Ed.D., University of Tennessee

Additional Graduate Study:
Auburn University
University of Georgia

Professional Institutes:
Carnegie Mellon University
Academic Leadership Institute,
Stevens Institute on Leadership and
Administration of Student Affairs in Higher Education

Professional Licensure:
Licensed Professional Counselor (Tennessee)
Listed General and Family Mediator (Tennessee)

Mildred Saffell-Smith, Assistant Professor

B.S., and M.S., Tennessee State University
Ph.D., Vanderbilt University (Peabody College)

Professional Licensure:
Licensed Educational Professional (Tennessee)


Four (4) full-time faculty/administrators at Cumberland University have regular teaching assignments in this master’s degree program.  They are Drs. Collier, Heifner, McKee, and Saffell-Smith.  Each of these individuals was carefully chosen to instruct in the M.S.P. degree program because of both personal interest, professional preparation, and life experience.

Four (4) part-time faculty have regular teaching responsibilities in this degree program, and because of their educational backgrounds and specific employment positions, each brings a specialized expertise to the learning experiences of M.S.P. graduate students.  Dr. Edwina Chappell is a professional statistician with the State of Tennessee; Dr. James Farris is a Vice President of the Baptist Hospital In Nashville, Tennessee; Dr. Roy Jones is the Assistant Director of the Department of Coles and Building Safety of the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, Tennessee; and Dr. Jason Lawson is an Assistant Attorney General in the 15th Judicial District of the State of Tennessee. The University views this combination of full-time employees and daily practitioners as a major strength of the program.

Current MSP Alumni Association Officers and Advisors

President: Nancy R. Willis
Advisor: C. William McKee

Other officers of the MSP Alumni Association will be selected during the fall semester 2011.