Cumberland University

Physical Education

Master of Sport & Exercise Science

Advanced Physical Education specialization

For more information on this Specialization, please contact Dr. George Walker. For questions related to Tennessee teachers' licenses, please contact our Licensure Officer.

The Advanced Physical Education specialization is a 36 hour program. This degree is designed to enhance and increase the physical educators knowledge in the area of physical education. 


The Master of Exercise & Sport Science, Advanced Physical Education specialization, offers a route to teacher licensure.

All licensure-seeking students must obtain a transcript review by an advisor and the Licensure Officer and obtain a Program of Study from the Program Director of Health and Human Performance.

For Licensure, candidates must work with the University Licensure Officer to ensure that all State requirements are met. State or program-based requirements for licensure require that each candidate for licensure:

(1)   Send transcripts to the Licensure Officer.

(2)   Submit Fingerprinting and Background Check results AND join STEA for liability insurance. Candidates must do this BEFORE completing any field experiences by certain courses. Results and STEA confirmation should be sent to the School of Education & Public Service office, ATTN: Licensure Officer, 1 Cumberland Sq, Lebanon, TN 37087.

(3)   Provide passing score on the Praxis II content area test required for the license sought by the candidate, within two semesters of being enrolled within student teaching. This score must be on file before the candidate can student teach. (Additional tests are required to obtain licensure.) NOTE: Students holding a baccalaureate degree are not required to take Praxis I Series (PPST) tests.

(4)   Complete and interview to enter the Teacher Education Progression, Phase II (TEP II). This checkpoint has several other criteria beyond and prior to the interview.  If candidates have not completed requirements at the time of the TEP II interview – a semester prior to student teaching – they can expect to delay student teaching until requirements are met.




  • All graduate students seeking an Advanced Physical Education specialization or who are initial licensure candidates for physical education are required to purchase LiveText for electronic portfolio reviews. (This is available online at
  • Students seeking initial teacher licensure must either complete student teaching or be employed on Transitional license.
  • All students seeking initial teacher licensure must complete and pass the Praxis II tests required for a Physical Education P-12 license.